• Hibachi Night!

    Hibachi Night!

    I’m absolutely loving this GoPro. Most of all, I love the head mount. And since making hibachi-style fried rice (along with marinated steak, chicken, shrimp, and scallops, of course) is becoming more of a staple in this house (not to mention, everyone here seems to like it), it made sense to do a “cooking video”.…

  • Toy Testing

    Toy Testing

    This type of rigorous testing is required before giving such toys to children.

  • Grist Mill Trail

    Grist Mill Trail

    I really had a lot of fun last time at Piney Orchard, so I went out to Patapsco Valley State Park and checked out a couple trails. The Grist Mill Trail was a paved out-and-back trail that went along the Patapsco River. I also did a bit of biking on some off-road trails and eventually…

  • Piney Orchard Loop

    Piney Orchard Loop

    Long story short, I got a fancy GoPro Hero 8 Black (whatever that means) from my lovely fiance, Krystle. I’m also getting my feet wet with checking out local bike trails. Here’s my first venture! Download High-resolution version More Info: Piney Orchard Loop

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Finally, some decent pictures

    Finally, some decent pictures

  • E-Learning Buddy

    E-Learning Buddy

    This is as close as we’ll get to bringing your dog to class.

  • Gaver Tree Farm

    Gaver Tree Farm

    After some hot apple cider, some apple cider donuts (maybe too many) it was over the (many) hills to find the perfect tree. Thank goodness for tired kids.

  • Mad Science!

    Mad Science!

    You can really get anything on Amazon these days, especially a lab coat and pair of steampunk goggles. Krystle’s expanding her resume, from teacher, to doctor, and now scientist. I think I’ll order a Beakman wig to round-out this get-up.

  • Oh the HORRORS!

    Oh the HORRORS!

    This scary scene literally involved bringing my son’s desk out into the street. Kids passing by became startled, thinking they were suddenly back in class. And yes, the mask Krystle was wearing is what teachers must wear ALL day long when inside the building.

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