Month: December 2019

  • MD Twisters Showcase

    MD Twisters Showcase

    Grace did a fantastic job at the MD Twisters showcase today. She has been involved for several months with her squad and has done a terrific job practicing her routines every weekend. Now, Grace didn’t actually cheer today. Well, she did, but she sat in the back, quietly clapping and cheering-on the rest of the…

  • Pie


    Me: “Babe, we are finishing up this pie tonight!” I set the pumpkin pie upon the counter. I feel excited that we have exactly one more hearty slice of pumpkin pie left from Thanksgiving. I’m so ready to drown this thing in a whipped cream typhoon and devour it. But no, first I should finish…

  • Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Cookies

    Let’s just say some mistakes were made. This is an example of why it’s worth the time to read the instructions, even if there are only three. In my case, I didn’t mix the egg and butter mixture before adding to the batter. Instead all-fucking-three were added at once, resulting in a crumbly ungodly mess.…