Author: Ryan

  • Strasburg Railroad Birthday Trip

    Strasburg Railroad Birthday Trip

    After the girls celebrated the day before for Grace’s 13th birthday, the boys and I met them up in Strasburg for a train ride. Unfortunately, Krystle caught a fever and left early, so the boys and I stayed for the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm! This place is massive – think Disney World, but more hay…

  • Patuxent Research Refuge Hike

    Patuxent Research Refuge Hike

    This is actually MY second time there, but the first the time with the boys. We came initially for the hike, but decided to check out the visitor’s center (it was not open last time I visited). We’re glad we popped in, as it was genuinely impressive. The main lobby wasn’t too impressive, containing information…

  • Linganore Movie (Critic) Date Night

    Linganore Movie (Critic) Date Night

    My love surprised me with a date night!! However, she TOTALLY threw me off the entire time leading up to it. In preparation for the trip, she asked me to pack several (confusing) items: Hiking boots (alright, this sounds fun) Water shoes (wow, this is sounding adventurous) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (OK, how remote…

  • SGAR Adoption Event at Falling Branch Brewery

    SGAR Adoption Event at Falling Branch Brewery

  • It’s a Proud Day

    It’s a Proud Day

  • It’s almost that time of year

    It’s almost that time of year

    The random barking at passing dogs will be even louder with the windows open.

  • Backyard Snow Battles

    Backyard Snow Battles

    I was asked to make a short video of the snow battles from this weekend. Enjoy!

  • First Snowball Fight of the Year!

    First Snowball Fight of the Year!

    Let’s start 2021 off a little better, but hurdling balls of ice at each other, and scare the crap out of the dogs. It’s a shame my lens got soaked by a few snowballs.

  • Piney Orchard Loop (with kids!)

    Piney Orchard Loop (with kids!)

    I really like this set of trails. There are both paved with nice views and scenery, as well as walking trails that wrap around several small lakes and ponds, giving access to quiet spots with plenty of points for nature-watching. To my surprise, both the boys LOVED it! I think it’s time for them to…

  • Hibachi Night!

    Hibachi Night!

    I’m absolutely loving this GoPro. Most of all, I love the head mount. And since making hibachi-style fried rice (along with marinated steak, chicken, shrimp, and scallops, of course) is becoming more of a staple in this house (not to mention, everyone here seems to like it), it made sense to do a “cooking video”.…