Patuxent Research Refuge Hike

This is actually MY second time there, but the first the time with the boys. We came initially for the hike, but decided to check out the visitor’s center (it was not open last time I visited).

We’re glad we popped in, as it was genuinely impressive. The main lobby wasn’t too impressive, containing information pamphlets, maps of the area, facts about the habitat. Walk to the back, however, and there’s a VERY nice museum filled with exhibits, scenes and depictions of the wildlife (luckily the wolves were merely mounts), and telescopes/binoculars to get a good view of the wildlife in the lake out front.

There was a lot to do there, a lot more than I had expected. The trail (there are multiple, but we chose one for that day) itself is also full of scenery, is an easy walk, and had plenty of good spots for photography. It’s one place we’ve ALL agreed to coming back and enjoying even further next time.

More information about the Patuxent Research Refuge:






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